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Bahamas (Freeport)

Master R/V Ship's Name
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o Global United Ltd.
Queen's Highway
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

Phone:  (242) 351-7433
Fax: (242) 351-4411

Contact: Frederick Hall, General Manager
Phone: (242) 351-7433
Cell: (242) 727-5278
Email: gulops@gulbahamas.com; fhall@gulbahamas.com

Boarding Agent:

Contact: Rowland Stuart, Supervisor
Cell: (242) 441-4505
Email:  gulops@gulbahamas.com

Contact:  Capt. Jackson Ritchie, President & CEO
Email:  jritchie@gulbahamas.com

Note: Agent and WHOI contacts should be copied on all communications. It is requested that shipping information of any equipment be communicated to the Agent and WHOI contacts

Last updated: June 15, 2015