Image : Researchers Issue Outlook for a Significant New England 'Red Tide' in 2010

bloom scenarios
These computer simulation snapshots show projected Alexandrium fundyense cell concentrations that might be produced under six different weather and oceanographic scenarios representative of 2004 through 2009. All simulations were initiated using the latest 2009 cyst map. The simulations incorporate sunlight, river runoff, and various wind and current patterns to predict the intensity and location of a bloom. These images do not show the highest anticipated cell concentrations, but rather the concentrations and distributions on the same day in May. This approach provides an ensemble forecast that includes years that had highly variable meteorological conditions. In all scenarios, the Alexandrium cell concentrations are high relative to past bloom simulations using different cyst maps to initiate the runs. (Dennis McGillicuddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Ruoying He, North Carolina State University)


Last updated: March 19, 2019