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March 20, 2018

Women of the Deep

In 1971, marine biologist Ruth Turner became the first woman to dive in WHOI’s human-occupied submersible Alvin. Turner, pictured here with Alvin Chief Pilot Ralph Hollis aboard the research vessel Lulu, spent her career at Harvard University studying saltwater clams known as shipworms. Since Turner’s pioneering voyage, many women have boarded Alvin to explore the deep ocean and conduct scientific research. Stace Beaulieu, Lauren Mullineaux, Meg Tivey (WHOI), Colleen Cavanaugh (Harvard University), and Breea Govenar (Rhode Island College) have each made more than ten dives WHOI’s iconic sub. They will speak about their experiences tonight at a free public event sponsored by the WHOI Women’s Committee. (Photo by Anne Rabushka, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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