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August 12, 2008 - Endeavor Update

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Alexandrium live counts, R/V Endeavor, August 7 - 12,  2008
(WHOI / D. Anderson and D. McGillicuddy laboratories)

Hello All,

Sampling operations on voyage 451 of R/V Endeavor came to a successful conclusion Tuesday evening.  Live counts revealed generally low concentrations of Alexandrium (see attached).  The peak concentration of 882 cells per liter was detected on an underway count just offshore of the Digby Peninsula.  Otherwise concentrations in the two sections inside the Bay of Fundy itself were less than 100 cells per liter.  A narrow tongue of ca. 100-400 cells per liter was present southwest of Digby, perhaps flowing “around the corner” from the Scotian shelf into the bay.

These findings are in stark contrast to those reported by Townsend et al. (2001), who documented cell concentrations of thousands of cells per liter at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy in August 1998.

EN451 cell counts offshore of Maine were generally low, ranging from zero at the offshore boundary of the survey up to ca. 150 cells per liter near the coast.

That’s all for now; we are in transit to Narragansett and expect to make port at 1400 Wednesday.

Best Wishes,

On behalf of the science party for EN451

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