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May 29, 2008 - Oceanus Update

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Alexandrium surface live counts (R/V Oceanus May 27-29, 2008. (WHOI / D. Anderson and D. McGillicuddy laboratories)

A map of surface live counts from Oceanus (OC447) is shown on the right.  The Alexandrium bloom in the western Gulf of Maine is in full swing.

Underway counts during our exit from Nantucket Sound and northward along the back side of Cape Cod showed significant numbers of cells in the range of 1000-3000 cells per liter.  Once our transit took us seaward of the 100m isobath east of Wellfleet, cell counts dropped precipitously to ca. 100 or less.  We began CTD operations at the Boston line, where cell counts in the 500-1000 range were present in the inner two stations and also offshore near the end of the transect.  All but the most offshore station of the Cape Ann transect had cell concentrations in excess of 1000 cells per liter, with peak concentrations exceeding 7000.   Concentrations decreased overall in the Saco Bay line, although the peak reached nearly 6000 cells per liter.  Underway counts between Saco Bay and Casco Bay ranged from 2300 to 800.  Cell concentrations decreased dramatically on the Casco Bay line, peaking at 350 cells per liter.  Underway counts from SW to NE in between the Casco Bay line and the Monhegan line were low until a near-shore tongue of cells was encountered with patchy concentrations ranging from 140 to 1600.   Offshore waters in the Monhegan transect were generally below 100 except for a single station with 364 cells per liter.

Currently we are in transit to Georges Bank, and will report on those results as they become available.

Dennis McGillicuddy, Chief Scientist

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