East Pacific Rise (EPR) Science Integration Workshop



Following the completion of 4-5 years of focused, integrated field and laboratory studies at the EPR ISS, as well as older legacy data sets acquired over the past ~20 years of study there, correlative data sets pertaining to various disciplines need to be analyzed and integrated. The goal of this integration is to focus on causal processes associated with the input of energy from the mantle that drives the hydrothermal system and associated biological communities and microbial populations. The purpose of the workshop will be to bring together lead PIs, and post-docs and senior students specifically working on current EPR datasets for their projects or theses, to work for a concentrated period of 2.5 days to both analyze their datasets within the historical context of studies at this site as well as to formulate ideas that link their data to correlative data at a variety of disciplinary, spatial and temporal scales.

  For more information please go to:  http://www.ridge2000.org/science/meetings/WorkshopInfo

Ridge 2000 is an interdisciplinary research program-sponsored by NSF-focused on integrated studies of Earth’s oceanic spreading centers.  The program provides national coordination for studies of deep-sea hydrothermal vents and rifting of volcanic crust.  For more infornmation see http://www.ridge2000.org