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Ancillary Measurements

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Ancillary Measurements

Co, As:P

Ni, V, Mo on particles


Low-level P and NO3, NO2, NH4 (?DOP, DON?)


Salinity & hydro nutrients (SIO ODF: PO4, NO3/NO2, Si, S, O2, CTD services)


Careful transmissometry; calibrated fluorescence


Pigments, FRRF, flow cytometry (?BO support?), [optical measurements, AOP, IOP, CDOM, particulate optical spectra, many at no cost]



DOC, DON, ?isotopes?


DIC system via ocean carbon system (Doney, Heather Benway)

Data assimilation on & offboard


Ra isotopes (223, 224, 226, 228)


228Th (along with particulate pumps), 232Th, 234Th


Protein biomarkers (Fe stress proteins)


CFCs, SF6, 3He, 3H, 210Pb, 210Po, 14C


Metals isotopes? Fe, Cu, Zn


Si isotopes, 18O of NO3-, 18O of P


Os, Os isotopes


?noble gases


contaminants: Ag, Sn, Hg


V on aerosols, 18O of aerosol NO3-


Ba, depth profile of particulate barite


Last updated: September 26, 2008

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