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HROV Publications
[1]   M. Jakuba, D. Yoerger, L.L. Whitcomb, Longitudinal Control Design And Performance Evaluation For The Nereus 11,000 M Underwater Vehicle, Proc. Oceans 2007

[2]   J. Howland,, N. Farr, S. Singh, “Field Tests of a New Camera/Led Strobe System”,  Accepted for the 2006 Oceans Conference.

[3]   B.  Fletcher, C. Young, J. Buescher, L.L. Whitcomb, A. Bowen, D. Yoerger, R. McCabe, M. Heintz, R. Fuhrmann, C. Taylor, R. Elder. "Field Tests of the Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV) Light Fiber Optic Tether"  OCEANS 2006: Marine Technology Society / IEEE Oceanic Society.

[4]   S. Weston, J. Stachiw, R. Merewether, M. Olsson, and G. Jemmott.  “Alumina Ceramic 3.6 in Flotation Spheres for 11 KM ROV/AUV Systems.” OCEANS 2005: In Proceedings of MTS/IEEE. (1):172-177, September 2005.

[5]   R. Cooke. “Back to the Bottom.”  NATURE 437 (7059):612-613, September 29, 2005.

[6]   B. Fletcher, C. Young, L. L. Whitcomb, A. Bowen, D. Yoerger, M. Grosenbaugh,  and B. Bingham.  The Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV): New Challenges and Opportunities. In Proceedings of Underwater Intervention 2005, New Orleans, February 2005.

[7]   A. Bowen, D. Yoerger, L. Whitcomb, D. Fornari. Exploring the Deepest Depths: Preliminary Design of a  Novel Light-Tethered Hybrid ROV for Global Science in Extreme Environments. Journal of the Marine Technology Society. 38(2):92-101, Summer 2004.

[8]   A. Bowen, D. Yoerger, and L. L. Whitcomb. Hybrid ROV (HROV) For 11,000 Meter Operations.  In EOS Transaction of the American Geophysical Union 2003 Fall Meeting, 84(46) Abstract OS32A-0228, San Francisco, December 2003.

[9]   S.E. Webster and A. D. Bowen. Feasibility Analysis of an 11,000 m Vehicle with a Fiber Optic Microcable Link to the Surface. IEEE/MTS OCEANS 2003, pp 2469-2474.

HROV Technical Reports
[1]   C. Machado. Design Considerations for the 11 km Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Newest Vehicle. Paper and Presentation for SNAME Student Paper Night 2/8/2007.

[2]   J.D. Stachiw, D. Peters, and G. McDonald. “External Pressure Housings” OCEANS 2006

[3]   J.D  Stachiw. “Completion of Ceramic Cylinder Fabrication Phase of 11 KM HROV Project” Technical Report, February 2006.

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