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Image : New Maps Provide Clues to the Historic 2005 Red Tide Outbreak in New England And Hints for 2006

Maps of Alexandrium fundyense cyst abundance in surface sediments of the Gulf of Maine. The warmest colors (reds and yellows) denote the highest concentrations. Note the changes in cyst abundance in the region over the last 9 years. In 1997, cyst abundance was very low compared to the levels measured in the fall of 2004, preceding the spring/summer bloom of 2005. Following that bloom, cyst numbers are still very high compared to 1997 levels, but are approximately 1/2 those in 2004. Note that the 2005 map extends into the waters south and east of Cape Cod, areas not covered in the earlier surveys. (Maps courtesy Dennis McGillicuddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


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