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ITP50 Deployment Operations

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Oliver Zenk and Sergey Pisarev begin augering the 10.5 diameter hoel through the ice 3 m thick ice floe for the ITP deployment.

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Andreas Wisotzki and Bert Rudels keep an eye on the winch before the anchor is lowered through the ice hole.

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Clamping the wire guides onto the ITP body while it is suspended from the tripod.

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In position over the ice hole, ITP 50 profiler is about to be lowered into the ocean.

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The Yale grip on the tether is slipped by Sergey Pisarev to lower the wire until the tension is taken by the bale.

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Photo opportunity by the deployment team with ITP 50 shortly after the surface package was installed: Ben Rabe, Bert Rudels, Oliver Zenk, Hiroshi Sumata, Andreas Wisotski, and Ian Waddington.

The first ITP deployed during the ARK-XXVI/3 expedition was ITP 50. The site was about 20 m away from ridges on two sides, frozen-over melt ponds (likely without bottom) on one side, and about 50 m away from a large crack on the fourth side.  While the ice thickness at the ITP site was 3 m, other nearby thickness measurements were 1.5 m so there was an obvious thickness gradient, but it was the best ice floe in the area.


After the 10.5” diameter hole through the ice floe was drilled, the anchor was lowered but obstacles at the bottom of the hole needed to be removed.  Then the profiler had trouble going through the hole, but the remainder of the deployment proceeded smoothly.  Unfortunately, the inductive modem circuit test after installation did not verify communications.


Photo Credits for this page: Sergey Pisarev, Ben Rabe, Hiroshi Sumata, Ian Waddington, and Oliver Zenk.

Last updated: September 23, 2020

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