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May 27, 2016 - ESP Update #5

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Hi all,

The daily updates of the Alexandrium fundyense estimates from the 3 ESPs in the Gulf of Maine are available at this website:

As you can see, A. fundyense populations were not detected this week by the NA-1 probe spots on the hab arrays at all 3 ESP locations. Note that we remotely dialed the sample volume down from 4000ml to 1000-2000ml to help reduce the background that was present on some of the arrays. The background has subsided for now, perhaps due to a change in water masses. To detect the low populations that have been present in the region, we just dialed the sample volume back up to 4000ml.

Two stx toxin assays were completed by ESPdon on Monday and Thursday in collaboration with Dr. Greg Doucette at NOAA NCCOS Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research. With a full 4000ml sampled, Greg reports that ESPdon has detected a "low level positive hit for the stx assay".

Earlier in the week, the hab arrays on ESPdon and ESPjake (both in the Harpswell Sound area within Casco Bay) indicated the simultaneous presence of several Pseudo-nitzschia species as the MUD2, has2, fraud, and pungens probes signaled off. As of yesterday, those signals have subsided. Dr. Kate Hubbard (Florida Fish and Wildlife) and Dr. Holly Bowers (MBARI) are collaborating on that effort with additional Pseudo-nitzschia probes added to the hab array this year.

Have a excellent Memorial Day weekend,


Bruce Keafer
Research Associate (ESP lab - Dr. Don Anderson)
Laboratory for Ocean Sensors and Observing Systems (LOSOS)
Mail Stop 57
Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508-289-2509 (LOSOS office and ESP lab)

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