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July 16, 2015 - ESP Update

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Hello again,
Just wanted to provide some numbers and clarification of the latest
ESPjake, deployed on ESP-3 mooring in eastern Maine (about 12nm off
Southwest) is continuing to show spikes in the Alexandrium fundyense
On Tuesday (July 14) and Wednesday (July15) this week, ESPjake
registered about 2200 and 1500 cells/L, respectively. Those values are
offscale on the current time series plot. We intend to change the y-axis
scaling on that plot soon. Please note that the earlier wording "off the
chart" used in a previous email was not meant to suggest that the
Alexandrium cell numbers were historically high, but rather that the
values were literally off the scale of the time series plot...sorry if
there was a misunderstanding.
Today, Thursday (July 16), we reduced the volume sampled by ESPjake from
4000ml to 2000ml to keep any spikes onscale. ESPjake proceeded to return
a low value of only about 300 cells/L, so the 2-day peak subsided to the
200-400 cells/L range observed earlier, at least today.
Here's the link to the latest data from ESPjake:
ESPjake will continue to work Friday and Saturday with the data
displayed soon after the images come up to our stay tuned.
Bruce Keafer
Research Associate (ESP lab - Dr. Don Anderson)
Laboratory for Ocean Sensors and Observing Systems (LOSOS)
Mail Stop 57
Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508-289-2509 (LOSOS office and ESP lab)

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