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June 6, 2015 - ESP Update

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Hi mates,
Here's the update for the ESPs in the Gulf of Maine for the week of June
We are currently in final preparations for deployment of ESP-3 with
ESPjake onboard. ESPjake will be deployed next week near UMOOS/NERACOOS
I, about 12nm offshore of Bar Harbor, Maine. If we have extra time
following deployment, samples will be collected along a transect from
the offshore mooring to the Maine shoreline near Bass Harbor, the
closest shellfish monitoring site to the ESP.
Unfortunately, ESPdon onboard ESP-1 in Casco Bay did not quite make it
till the end of his mission. ESPdon lost its ability to control the
assay temperature during onboard processing of the hab array, apparently
due to a failed sensor or thermal circuit board. Remote repair was not
possible, so ESPdon has been running without heat (11o C in the pressure
housing for an assay tuned to 29oC). Results after June 5 may not be
real or quantifiable and were not posted to the time series plot.
ESPdon's mission will be aborted and recovered next week during the
cruise already planned for deployment of ESP-3(jake).
Meanwhile, ESP-2(dennis), deployed near UMOOS/NERACOOS E, continued
soldiering on with both the hab and stx assays working properly. Little
to no Alexandrium fundyense NA1 signals have been observed on the hab
arrays with the NA1 time series plots available at:
ESPdennis was also occasionally signaling the presence of
Pseudo-nitzschia sp. with the MUD2 probe on the hab array, but that
signal has not been observed since June 1.
ESP-2 (dennis), currently operating in the western Gulf of Maine, is
expected to run out of power by June 19 or earlier. ESP-3 (jake) will
takeover and continue those observations along the eastern Maine coast
where /Alexandrium fundyense/ populations are commonly on the increase
this time of year with the mission programmed to end in late July.
That's all for this week...Have a nice weekend,
Bruce Keafer
Research Associate (ESP lab - Dr. Don Anderson)
Laboratory for Ocean Sensors and Observing Systems (LOSOS)
Mail Stop 57
Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508-289-2509 (LOSOS office and ESP lab)

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