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May 15, 2015 - ESP Update

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Hi mates,
Just wanted you to know that the two ESPs deployed last week have
continued to do their job.  The weekly results from both ESPs indicate
the presence of a low Alexandrium fundyense population present at the
mooring sites that is near detection limits of the instrument (<100
Rather than a constant stream of daily emails to the northeastpsp list
serve, a display of the near real time ESP data will be provided
differently this year as described below...
An experimental ESP product was developed to provide a semi-automated
calculation and time series plot for the estimates of Alexandrium
fundyense at each mooring site. First, the spot intensity on the hab
array is determined manually with the aid of an MBARI provided app.
Second, that result is then sent back up to our ESP server with programs
running that automatically calculate the cells/Liter present in the
field based on bench-generated standard curves. Finally, the program
automatically serves the time series plots of the estimated A. fundyense
Please visit and bookmark the website below to see the latest ESP
results as the instruments sample each day at noon with the results
becoming available by about 5:00pm (ESPs sample at 5 days per week). I will
still send updates about once per week or more frequently when
conditions change.
This experimental product is displayed at this Website:
I have also attached a plot of the coordinates for ESP-1 and ESP-2 (sent
with update #1)...along with a proposed location for ESP-3.
Hope you have a nice spring weekend,
Bruce Keafer
Research Associate (ESP lab - Dr. Don Anderson)
Laboratory for Ocean Sensors and Observing Systems (LOSOS)
Mail Stop 57
Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508-289-2509 (LOSOS office and ESP lab)

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