Systems and methods for tethering underwater vehicles


Inventor: Andrew Bowen, Robert McCabe and Matthew Heintz
Serial #: 12/148,226

Applications: A lifting tether for tethered oceanographic vehicles and devices. The invention enhances the primary characteristics of an existing in load-carrying ability, specific gravity in water, and torsional resistance. 

Technology: The lifting tether comprises a high strength sleeve through which a tethering cable is passed and provides mechanical support for the launch and recovery of an underwater vehicle of any weight tethered by a cable (e.g. an s-tether) that by itself does not have adequate strength to lift the vehicle out of the water. The technology also allows torsional forces present within the primary cable to be transmitted through an “s-tether” to a rotary swivel attached to the vehicle in a suitable orientation, allowing the cable to rotate within the sleeve.