Fiber optic observatory link for medium bandwidth data communication


Inventors: Richard Camilli, Frederick Sonnichsen, Albert M. Bradley, Steven A. Lerner
Serial #: 12/832,854

Applications: A reconfigurable, long-range, underwater data-communication network. The network provides a low cost, low power, lightweight, and easy to deploy underwater communication system capable of being operated at long distances using fiber optics. This technology allows for longer term seafloor observation and data acquisition of complex natural phenomena.

Technology: The network may include a cabled ocean observatory, which may be deployed underwater and connected to a surface buoy. The cabled ocean observatory may be connected to one or more removable underwater sensors via fiber optic cables which may be disposed at underwater locations at long distances from the cabled ocean observatory. The fiber optic extension modules may be permanently connected to each end of the fiber optic cables and include an optical transceiver, a power supply, and an inductive element for removably coupling an underwater sensor or the cabled ocean observatory to the fiber optic cable.