About Radiation

How Radioactive is our Ocean?

View a guide to natural and man-made sources of radiation in the environment post-Fukushima.

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Japanese version (pdf)

WHOI Resources

About Thorium

Thorium-234 is used as a natural radioactive tracer of biological processes in the ocean.

Radiation & the Ocean

FAQ about the release of radiation from Fukushima to the Pacific.

Japan, 2011

Overview of events leading up to and subsequent to the release of radiation from Fukushima.

Fukushima & the Ocean

Special issue of Oceanus magazine highlighting what is known about the release of radiation from Fukushima and its impact on the ocean and human health.

Additional Resources

FAQ about Radiation from Fukushima

Washington State Department of Health

Radiation Dose

Chart of dose, exposure time, and source from Information is Beautiful

Radiation Topics

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency web site devoted to a range of topics on radiation safety.