Right Whale Lecture Series

Sponsored by the WHOI Ocean Life Institute and Biology Department


Why Don't Right Whales Respond to the Noise of an Oncoming Vessel?

Right whales seem to be able to evade slow, small vessels, but appear to be oblivious to large ships that too often strike and kill them.
Peter Tyack, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA

All Flesh Is Grass: Right Whales Foraging at the Margins

Constraints on the right whales' ability to find and feed on highly localized, dense patches of plankton may be limiting the food supply they require to reproduce successfully.
Stormy Mayo, Center for Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA

Recovery of North Atlantic Right Whales: A Historical Perspective

What was the population and distribution of North Atlantic Right Whales before the dire impact of commericial whaling? Whaleship logbooks, old newspapers and period narratives provide clues.
Randall Reeves, Okapi Wildlife Associates, Quebec, Canada