Geology & Geophysics Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

More Floods & Higher Sea Levels

Geological records help forecast escalating coastal hazards

Life Dwells Deep Within Earth's Crust

What is living there and how?

Attracted to Magnetics

A conversation with WHOI geologist Maurice Tivey

The Quest for the Moho

Between Earth's crust and mantle lies a mysterious boundary

How Did Earth Get Its Ocean?

A student’s quest to learn the origin of our planet’s water

Coral Crusader

Student seeks clues to conserve beleaguered reefs

Scientists Find Trigger That Cracks Lakes

Fast-draining lakes atop Greenland ice sheet could accelerate sea level rise

Hidden Battles on the Reefs

How will corals fare in a changing ocean?

Coral-Current Connections

Remote island lies in a strategic spot for research


News Releases

Volcanic Arcs Form by Deep Melting of Rock Mixtures

Study Changes Understanding of Processes Inside Subduction Zones

Taking Earth’s Inner Temperature

Surprising new study finds that the mantle is hotter than we thought

Where Iron and Water Mix

Hydrothermal Vents a Significant Source of Iron in the Oceans