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Images: A 3-D Underwater Soundscape

John Kemp (red vest, center right), along with members of the WHOI mooring group and the ship's crew, coordinates the deployment of a University of Miami buoy that measures air and water properties a few meters above and below the ocean surface. (Photo by Hans Graber, University of Miami)

WHOI engineer John Kemp got his hands (and knees) dirty, leading efforts to deploy 62 moorings for the experiment. Here, he instructs WHOI Summer Student fellow Wilken-Jon von Appen, one of six students involved in the expedition who, with help from the ship's crew, actually got to deploy a mooring themselves. (Photo by Karen Johnson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

The WHOI mooring group deploys a University of Miami mooring from the research vessel Knorr. The instrument transmits acoustic signals at multiple frequencies. (Photo by Karen Johnson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)