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Thank you for your ongoing interest in the exploration, adventure and discovery that make Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution a world leader in ocean science. Here are some new gifts to thank you for your renewed support and to help you celebrate your love of—and commitment to—the ocean. And don't forget to watch for the next issue of OceanInsights, the newsletter that brings the ocean to your inbox every month.


Download a humpback whale song ringtone



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Download your own ocean view from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Antarctica Humpback Whale*

A humpback whale shows its tail, or fluke, in the waters off of the United States Antarctic Program's Palmer Station. (Photo by Andrew McDonnell, WHOI)

Golden Tunicate*

A colony of gold-colored Pegea socia, a gelatinous creature common off the central and northern California coast. Aggregates form chains in a tight spiral coil. (Photo by Laurence Madin, WHOI)

Giant Clam*

Giant clams, or Tridacna, like this one can have colorful mantle tissue, including bright blue. Eight species of Tridacna, most threatened by over-harvesting, live in shallow waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. (Photo by Jésus Pineda, WHOI)

Blue Button Jellyfish*

This stunning jellyfish is found mostly in the tropics and floats just near the water's surface. The circular disc is made of chitin and filled with gas, allowing these jellies to float. The tentacles (zooids) radiating from the disc do all the feeding. (Photo by Kelly Rakow, WHOI)

*Terms of Use: By downloading this image, you agree to use the image only as a screensaver for your own personal, individual use. You further acknowledge that this image is owned and copyrighted by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and cannot be distributed or used for any other purpose without prior written permission from the WHOI Media Office.