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The Moving Shoreline (pdf format)

Rising sea level and natural changes in the shoreline have obvious impacts on coastal property, but predicting the location of the losses is not always obvious. Improved understanding of how shorelines change with time can help us better plan coastal development and respond to recurrent or episodic threats.

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COI 2005 Brochure (pdf format)

A general description of research, education, and outreach activitites.

Oceanus Magazine

Oceanus Magazine: Coastal Oceanography

At the coast—where air, sea, land, and people meet
Volume 43, Number 1, 2004
This issue is devoted to research of the WHOI Coastal Ocean Institute and Rinehart Coastal Research Center.
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Rinehart Coastal Research Center Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 1, July 2000 (pdf format)

  • Larval and Particle Accumulation in Internal Bore Fronts (Jesus Pineda and Karl Helfrich)
  • Dissolved Carbon Dioxide in Coastal Waters (Wade McGillis and Michael DeGrandpre)
  • New Probe Provides Measure of Harbor Contaminants (James Moffett)
  • Dissolved Organic Nutrients in the Coastal Ocean (Kathleen Ruttenberg)

  • Volume 3, Number 2, December 1999

  • Flume Studies Identify Physical and Chemical Processes That Control Larval Dispersal and Settlement (Cheryl Ann Butman and Richard Zimmer)
  • Coastal Groundwater Discharge on Cape Cod (Matt Charette and Ken Buesseler)

  • Mid-Atlantic Bight Research Workshop (Jim Churchill)
  • Reconstructing Climate with Coral (Anne Cohen)

  • Volume 3, Number 1, June 1999 (pdf format)

  • ECOHAB-GOM Investigators Plumb Red Tide Depths (Donald Anderson, Bruce Keafer and David Townsend)
  • ECOHAB-GOM Experiments Study Toxic Dinoflagellate Alexandrium (Nicole Poulton)
  • Scientists Model Harmful Algal Blooms for ECOHAB-GOM (Richard Signell and Dennis McGillicuddy)
  • Balancing the Sediment Budget of the Hudson Estuary (Rocky Geyer)
  • Will the North Atlantic Right Whale Survive? (Hal Caswell, Masami Fujiwara and Solange Brault)
  • Here Today -- Gone Tomorrow (Neal Driscoll and Jeff List)
  • A New Approach for Studying Coastal Groundwater Discharge (Matt Charett and Ken Buesseler)

  • Volume 2, Number 2, December 1998 (pdf format)

  • GLOBEC Researchers Aim to Understand Causes and Impacts of Climatic Variability on Georges Bank (Peter Wiebe)
  • Studies Examine Benthic Transport Processes That Influence Protozoa in Buzzards Bay (Jeff Shimeta)
  • GLOBEC Studies Examine Tidal-front Entrainment and Retention of Fish Larvae (Gregory Lough and James Manning)
  • GLOBEC Scientists Model Physical/Biological Interactions on Georges Bank (Daniel Lynch and Dennis McGillicuddy, Jr.)
  • Mud Snails Enhance Hydrodynamic Transport of Juvenile Clams (Lauren Mullineaux)

  • Volume 2, Number 1, June 1998 (pdf format)

  • Food Web Studies Strive to Understand the Cause of Brown Tide (David Caron)
  • Right and Blue Whale Blubber Acoustics (Michael Moore)
  • New Geophysical Tools for Imaging Shallow Water Environments (Neal Driscoll, Dave Aubrey and Wayne Spencer)
  • Observing Air-Sea Gas Fluxes Over Coastal Waters
  • WHOI's Global Coast (centerfold)
  • Real-Time Geology on the Eel River Shelf (Robert Wheatcroft, Rocky Geyer, James Lynch, James Irish, Christopher Summerfield, Peter Trayovski and Neal Driscoll)
  • Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment (Steve Anderson, Steve Lentz, Al Plueddeman, Tim Dudda, James Edson, James Ledwell, Chris Rehmann, John Trowbridge, George Voulgaris, Albert Williams, III, Robert Olson and Heidi Sosik)

  • Volume 1, Number 1, September 1997 (pdf format)

  • Turbulence Studies at Duck, NC (John Trowbridge)
  • Scientists Assess Health of Northern Right Whales (Michael Moore)
  • An Experiment to Study Solute and Solids Transport in the Seabed (William Martin and Robert Wheatcroft)
  • New Adjunct Scientist Studies Sediment Transport in New Guinea (Gail Kineke)