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Porter Hoagland

»Allocation of ocean space
»Aquaculture access system
»Aquatic nuisance species
»Archaeological Significance
»Deepsea fisheries
»Fisheries bycatch
»Harmful algal blooms (2)
»Harmful algal blooms (1)
»Land-based marine pollution
»Large marine ecosystems
»Linking economic and ecological models
»Marine protected areas
»Ocean Waste Disposal
»Ocean Wind Power
»Regional Governance
»Seabed Mining
»Seamount conservation
»UCR Management in Asia
»Whaling and ecotourism

Hoagland, P. and D. Jin, A model of bycatch involving a passive use stock, Marine Resource Economics 12(1):11-28, 1997

We develop a simple extension of the theory of multispecies fisheries management to analyze a problem where one fish or animal stock has no commercial market but instead is valued passively. We interpret a typical bycatch problem as a standard multispecies fisheries management problem, and we develop a multispecifies model incorporating both monetary losses associated with bycatch and variable biological relationships. We examine the behavior of the model with a numerical example focusing on the case of the bycatch of spotted and other dolphins in the eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) yellowfin tuna fishery.

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