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Porter Hoagland

»Allocation of ocean space
»Aquaculture access system
»Aquatic nuisance species
»Archaeological Significance
»Deepsea fisheries
»Fisheries bycatch
»Harmful algal blooms (2)
»Harmful algal blooms (1)
»Land-based marine pollution
»Large marine ecosystems
»Linking economic and ecological models
»Marine protected areas
»Ocean Waste Disposal
»Ocean Wind Power
»Regional Governance
»Seabed Mining
»Seamount conservation
»UCR Management in Asia
»Whaling and ecotourism


FILE » Lanoue & Hoagland 2016 effects of channel deepening on oyster restoration in the Hudson estuary

» Hoagland et al. 2015 Florida red tide policy choices

» Hoagland et al. 2015 pricing loss of C seq in DE estuary

» Sommerfield et al. 2015 toward sustainable urban estuaries in the Anthropocene

» Diaz et al. 2015 neuro effects of Florida red tide

» Carr et al. 2014 framework for valuing ESs in the Hudson and Delaware estuaries

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