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»White shark obesrevations from an AUV
»Continuous Autonomous Tracking and Imaging of White Sharks and Basking Sharks Using a REMUS-100 AUV
»White Shark observations from an AUV
»Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operations Beneath Coastal Sea Ice
»Under-ice Operatioins REMUS AUV
»Lost 8th Wonder of the World Re-discovered
»Towed Hydrophone Array
»AUV, Docking REMUS
»Remus 600
»REMUS 100
»Glacier mapping with an AUV


A. Kukulya, A. Plueddemann, T. Austin, R. Stokey, M. Purcell, B. Allen, R. Littlefield, L. Freitag, P. Koski, E. Gallimore, J. Kemp, K. Newhall and J. Pietro

, Under-Ice Operatioins with a REMUS-100 AUV in the Arctic, Proceedings IEEE , 2010

Abstract— Use of a REMUS-100 AUV to obtain hydrographic observations beneath coastal sea ice offshore of Barrow, Alaska is described. The work is motivated by the desire to obtain cross-shore hydrographic transects that would provide estimates of the transport of relatively dense, salty water from the Chukchi Sea to the Arctic Ocean in winter. The horizontal scales (~10 km), maximum water depths (~100 m) and desired measurements (temperature, salinity and velocity vs. depth) in the study region match the capabilities of a small AUV such as the REMUS-100. It was recognized that achieving the science goals would require increasing the range of acoustic navigation and communication as well as developing a robust approach to through-ice deployment and recovery. These needs drove three modifications to the AUV: 1) Incorporation of a lower frequency (10 kHz) transducer and associated hardware for navigation and communication, 2) Addition of special-purpose sensors and hardware in a hull extension module, 3) Development of a homing algorithm utilizing an Ultra-Short Base Line (USBL) array in the AUV nose cone. In March 2010, twelve days of field work offshore of Barrow provided successful demonstration of the system. A total of 14 km of track lines beneath a coastal ice floe were obtained from four missions, each successfully terminated by net-capture recovery.


Index Terms—Autonomous vehicles, navigation, launch and recovery, Arctic.

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