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Modeled surface ocean (17Δ) in January


Dissovled gas tracers provide new constraints on primary productivity and export for global ocean models.

Scott Doney (WHOI), Rachel Stanley(WHOI) and Ivan Lima (WHOI)

The triple oxygen isotope (17Δ) and O2/Ar tracers of gross photosynthetic oxygen production (GOP) and net community production (NCP), respectively, have become widely adopted over the last decade.  We are working to incorporating these tracer systems into the ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem component of a global earth system model, Community Climate System Model, version 3 (CCSM-3).  Model results will be applied to assess the skill of these tracers in a dynamic ocean.  Insights gained will lead to more sophisticated methods of interpreting these tracers and bring new constraints to model based estimates of ocean productivity.  This Project is supported by the NOAA Global Carbon Cycle Program

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