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» Quorum Sensing and its Influence on Particle Degradation

» Bacterial associates of the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

» Natural Products from Marine Bacteria

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Cyanobacterial cultures from the WHOI Culture Collection isolated and maintained by the laboratory of John Waterbury. (T.Mincer)

Characterization of Small Molecules Responsible for Allelopathy and Quorum-sensing Inhibition from Marine Bacteria

Project funded by: WHOI Center for Oceans and Human Health

This study proposes to explore the chemical diversity of various marine bacteria within the culture collection at WHOI (primarily the Mincer and Waterbury laboratories). Chemical libraries as well as chemical diversity “fingerprint” databases of marine microbial chemical extracts are being created and compared to known databases using 1H-NMR and Mass Spectrometry analytical tools. The bacteria from which the extracts will be derived are related to proven resources for secondary metabolite production (primarily filamentous cyanobacteria), yet unique at the genus or species level. These bacteria have been derived from either unexplored environments or exist in pure culture only in our laboratory. This work will build a foundation of characterized chemical libraries to be used in various COHH collaborations, bioassays relevant to biomedicine and ecology (such as quorum sensing inhibition) and other collaborative efforts.

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