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The at-sea mass spectrometer set up on the R/V Tioga
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Rachel and Cara onboard the R/V Tioga with two at-sea noble gas mass spectrometers (for measuring Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe) and one equilibrator inlet mass spectrometer (for O2/Ar) (Peter A. Traykovski)

At-Sea Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer


Cara Manning (MIT-WHOI Joint Program)

Dempsey Lott (WHOI)

Cara Manning (MIT/WHOI graduate student), Dempsey Lott, and I have developed an at-sea noble gas mass spectrometer. This instrument, which is based on the design of the regular equilibrator inlet mass spectrometers (EIMS) that measure O2/Ar ratios, is able to measure ratios of Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe abundances in the underway water of a ship, allowing construction of noble gas data sets of unprecedented resolution. Such noble gas data sets will allow construction of air-sea gas exchange parameterizations specifically suited for heterogeneous environments such as in coastal waters or around ice floes. Support for this work comes from the NSF Ocean Technology and Interdisciplinary Coordination program.

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