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Dana R Yoerger

»Robust Trajectory Control
»Thruster Dynamics 1
»Tow cable Dynamics 1
»Jason Vent Site Mapping
»Mothra Site Geology
»ABE Bathy 1
»ashkelon mapping
»Lost City
»Thruster Dynamics 2
»Robot transmissions
»Compliant Manipulator
»Techniques for Deep Sea Near Bottom Survey

D. S. Kelley, J. A. Karson, G. L. Fruh-Green, D. Yoerger, T. M. Shank, D. A. Butterfield, J. M. Hayes, M.O. Schrenk, E. Olson, G. Proskurowski, M. Jakuba, A. Bradley, B. Larson, K. Ludwig, D. Glickson, K. Buckman, A. S. Bradley, B. Brazelton, K. Roe, M. J. Elend, A. Delacour, S. M. Bernasconi, M. D. Lilley, J. A. Baross, R. E. Summons, S. P. Sylva, A Serpentinite-Hosted Ecosystem, The Lost City Hydrothermal Field, Submitted to Science, July 2004

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