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bathymetry (ETOPO5) for the Hudson Strait region. Also shows mooring locations in 2004-2005 (in 2005-06, mooring B was relocated to offshore of A) and the larger Hudson Bay region. (D. Sutherland)

Variability and transport in the Hudson Strait outflow

Fiamma Straneo, WHOI Steve Lentz, WHOI

This project aims to characterize the transport and variability of the Hudson Strait outflow region using moored observations. The moorings were deployed from 2004-2007 in various configurations across the outflow region. I am looking at the 2005-06 year to try and understand what causes freshwater pulses to be observed on day-week timescales. I will also be helping in constructing a volume and fresh water transport time series for the outflow region, which has not been done int he past.

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