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Applause and Acknowledgements

I'd like to thank the teachers of The Winsor School (Mr. Schopf, Ms. Van Battenburg, Ms. Bernstein, and Ms. Lima) for inviting me into their classrooms. It was great spending time with their classes. I hope their students had as much fun as I did during my visit! Special thanks to those who supported this web project in so many ways. First, thank you to the principal investigators Drs. Rudolf Scheltema and Ken Halanych for inviting me aboard their research cruise. It is an experience that I will never forget! Thank you to my advisor, Dr. Michael J. Moore, for support and technical assistance (and an *awesome* camera!). Thanks to Tammie Middleton, Nancy Soderberg, Richie Williams (all of the United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, MA) and Marisa Hudspeth of WHOI Archives for a great collection of maps which allowed Winsor students to obtain valuable mapping experience by plotting the cruise track using coordinates. Many thanks to Joan Palmer (National Marine Fisheries Service CIS) for her guidance and graciousness and to Danielle Fino and the WHOI CIS team for a great webbuilder and assistance starting the site. Golfclaps and special thanks to Benjamin Walther (WHOI) for updating the site daily!

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