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In vivo and in vitro evaluation of endocrine disrupting compounds with invertebrate model organisms

-Guy Smagghe, Thomas Soin (Laboratory of Agrozoology, Ghent University, Belgium)
-An Ghekiere, Tim Verslycke, Colin Janssen (Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology, Ghent University, Belgium)
-Luc Swevers (Nat. Center Scientif. Research ?Demokritos?, Greece)
-Laurie Dinan (University of Exeter, UK)
-Magnus Breitholtz (Institute for Applied Environmental Research, Stockholm University, Sweden)
-Elena Gorokhova (Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, Sweden)

2-year European Exploratory Project (2004-2006). Steroid hormonal regulation will be investigated at whole-organism and cellular level, and in two model invertebrates : a pest insect (target) and a crustacea (non-target). Special attention goes to the usefulness of in vitro cultured insect cells in predicting the biological activity of endocrine disruptors. The obtained results contribute to a better knowledge and insights in the mode of action of and regulation by steroid hormones in invertebrates.

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