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» Pesticides in coastal waters

» Lobster shell disease

» Copepod diapause

» Mysid hormone regulation

» Ciona CYP3 genes

» BAEF Fellowship

» WHOI Postdoc

» Expeditie Zeeleeuw


» VEO2

» Analytics and metabolism


» ED-North

» South-Africa

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The Fleet Division (Waterways and Marine Affairs Administration, Environment and Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Flanders, Belgium) and the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ, Belgium) cooperate to organize scientific cruises with 'De Zeeleeuw' in the Belgian coastal waters and the Westerschelde estuary. (VLIZ)

Expeditie Zeeleeuw
'Expeditie Zeeleeuw' promotes marine sciences by offering an ICT content platform aimed at 17 and 18 year-old students. These students will participate in a scientific problem-driven contest in 2005 that will focus on different aspects of marine science: biodiversity, climate change, cultural heritage, beach pollution, air pollution, marine pollution, fisheries, coastal planning, war munition dumps and shipping.
More than 500 marine scientists are involved in this project under the realms of the Flanders Marine Institute.

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