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Tim Verslycke

» Pesticides in coastal waters

» Lobster shell disease

» Copepod diapause

» Mysid hormone regulation

» Ciona CYP3 genes

» BAEF Fellowship

» WHOI Postdoc

» Expeditie Zeeleeuw


» VEO2

» Analytics and metabolism


» ED-North

» South-Africa

BAEF Fellowship

Ghent University (Belgium), US-EPA (Gulf and Atlantic Ecology Division), 'mysid people'

My research will be partly funded by the Belgian American Educational Foundation during the period of September 2005-August 2006. My research goals for the coming years are to explore the mechanisms behind endocrine regulation and its potential disruption by chemicals in a number of crustacean models, i.e., mysids, copepods, and lobster. More specifically, molecular assays will be developed to evaluate specific hormone receptor interactions, receptor-mediated activation, and linkages between different levels of biological organization (from receptor to population). These assays will be specifically applied in the study of lobster shell disease, copepod diapause, and endocrine disruption in mysid shrimp

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