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ED-North: Evaluation of possible impacts of endocrine disruptors on the North Sea ecosystem

-Tim Verslycke, Gert Vandenbergh, Wim De Coen, Colin Janssen (Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology, Ghent University, Belgium)
-Willem Dhooge, Frank Comhaire (Laboratory of Andrology, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium)
-Karen Callebaut (ECOLAS, Belgium)
-Francisco Hernandez (Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ, Belgium)

This project (1998-2001) aimed at establishing a clear overview of the increasing volume of available scientific literature on environmental endocrine disruption. Specific objectives were:
- To address the uncertainties presently associated with the issue of environmental endocrine disruption;
- To specify future research and policy needs;
- To accomplish the above mentioned tasks for endocrine modulating activity in the marine environment.

A scientific review and proposals for policy guidance were prepared which could be essential tools for formulating governmental management decisions that will help to structure future action plans to tackle this delicate environmental problem.

Based on the available scientific literature a list and electronic database of chemicals with (potential) endocrine disruptive activity was developed. This relational database contains information on the hormone-disrupting potential, including effects and physico-chemical properties of these chemicals. Chemicals of which enough data was available on the environmental concentrations in the North Sea and the sources and endocrine effects they cause were prioritised. Finally, future research and policy needs were formulated based on these results. The ED-North database is a MS Access relational database that contains 423 references, 765 chemical compounds and 2355 test cases. A search interface to this database provides the possibility to search on chemical compound, described effect and author. An entire list of compounds can be obtained by leaving the search fields blank.

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