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Development and validation of in vitro assays for pesticides in coastal waters

John Stegeman (WHOI Biology), Ann Tarrant (WHOI Biology)

The overall objective of this proposal is to develop mechanistic and ecologically relevant crustacean in vitro assays that can be used to evaluate levels of commonly used pesticides in coastal areas and their potential effects on coastal crustacean populations.  We will quantify organophosphate (OP), carbamate (CB), and insect growth regulator (IGR) pesticides in a model coastal system (Cape Cod) through targeted analytical chemistry and by quantifying known biological responses in vitro that are related to their toxic mode-of-action.  Two crustacean in vitro assays will be developed to specifically evaluate the potential effects of pesticides to coastal crustacean populations.  These new assays will be validated by comparing their responses with those of existing non-crustacean in vitro assays and with the results of chemical analyses on the same samples.  The proposed research will help determine to what extent OP, CB, and IGR pesticides occur in coastal environments and what potential effects might be expected in crustaceans, a key group of marine organisms. 

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