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Aran A Mooney
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I am interested in the sensory ecology of animals, primarily marine animals.  This includes how animals detect, process and utilize information about their environment, and the potential anthropogenic effects.  As acoustics is perhaps the most efficient communication tool in the ocean, my work has uses marine acoustics and focuses on auditory systems.   Specific projects include: the effects of noise on marine mammals,  hearing range and sensitivities of marine organisms (odontocetes, polar bears, brown bears, squid, fishes, large whales...),  how fast these animals process sounds (their auditory temporal resolution), developing evoked potential systems to rapidly test hearing, and monitoring the marine enviornment (biotic and abiotic) using passive acoustics.


2008 - Ph.D. Zoology (Marine Biology emphasis)  - University of Hawaii

2003 - M.S. Zoology - University of Hawaii

2000 - B.S. Biology (Spanish minor) - University of New Hampshire

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