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Andrea Hawkes
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Postdoctoral Investigator

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My main research interests include the development and application of environmental modeling and quantitative paleoenvironmental reconstruction techniques with the aim of understanding the role of earthquakes, tsuanmis, and storms as driving mechanisms of Quaternary relative sea-level change and coastal evolution.

My research takes me to coastal and wetland ecosystems of temperate and tropical environments all over the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, French Polynesia, Belize, Bermuda, Alaska and most of coastal USA).

Present research includes using a multi-proxy approach (field and lab) to develop high-resolution Holocene tropical cyclone records from coastal New England, Florida, and the Caribbean.

University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA PhD. - Earth and Environmental Science, 2008
The application of foraminifera to characterize tsunami sediment and quantify coseismic subsidence along the Sumatra and Cascadia subduction zones.

Dalhousie University; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada MSc. - Earth Sciences, 2004
A study of attached benthic foraminifera associated with the deep-sea coral Primnoa resedaeformis on the Scotian Margin.

Dalhousie University;
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Honors BSc. - Geology and  BA - Political Science, 2001
Evidence of precursor events for mega-thrust earthquakes on the west coast of North America.

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