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Impact of Mesoscale Eddies on Nutrient Fluxes and Biological New Production

  • Anderson, L. A., D. J. McGillicuddy, Jr., M. E. Maltrud, I. D. Lima and S. D. Doney, Impact of eddy-wind interaction on eddy demographics an phytoplankton community structure in a model of the North Atlantic Ocean, Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 52, p 80-94, 2011.
  • Ledwell, J. R., D. J. McGillicuddy, Jr., and L. A. Anderson, Nutrient flux into an intense deep chlorophyll layer in a mode-water eddy, Deep-Sea Research II, 55, p 1139-1160, 2008.
  • McGillicuddy, D. J., Jr., L. A. Anderson, N. R. Bates, T. Bibby, K. O. Buesseler, C. A. Carlson, C. S. Davis, C. Ewart, P. G. Falkowski, S. A. Goldthwait, D. A. Hansell, W. J. Jenkins, R. Johnson, V. K. Kosnyrev, J. R. Ledwell, Q. P. Li, D. A. Siegel and D. K. Steinberg, Eddy/wind interactions stimulate extraordinary mid-ocean plankton blooms, Science 316, p 1021-1026, 2007.
  • McGillicuddy, D. J., Jr., L. A. Anderson, S. C. Doney and M. E. Maltrud, Eddy-driven sources and sinks of nutrients in the upper ocean: results from a 0.1o resolution model of the North Atlantic, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 17(2), 1035, doi:10.1029/2002GB001987, 2003.

Data Assimilation in Coupled Physical-Biological Ocean Models

  • Luo, Y.W., S.C. Doney, L.A. Anderson et al.  Database of diazotrophs in global ocean: abundances, biomass and nitrogen fixation rates. Earth System Science Data 4, p 47-73, 2012.
  • Mourino-Carballido, B., and L. A. Anderson, Net community production of oxygen derived from in vitro and in situ 1-D modeling techniques in a cyclonic mesoscale eddy in the Sargasso Sea, Biogeosciences 6, p 1799-1810, 2009.
  • Anderson, L. A., The seasonal nitrogen cycle in Wilkinson Basin, Gulf of Maine, as estimated by 1-D biological model optimization, Journal of Marine Systems 78, p 77-93, 2009.
  • Friedrichs, M. A. M., J. Dusenberry, L. Anderson, R. Armstrong, F. Chai, J. Christian, S. Doney, J. Dunne, M. Fujii, R. Hood, D. McGillicuddy, K. Moore, M. Schartau, Y. Spitz, and J. Wiggert, Assessment of skill and portability in regional marine biogeochemical models: the role of multiple planktonic groups, Journal of Geophysical Research 112, C08001, doi:10.1029/2006JC003852, 2007.
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  • Anderson, L. A., A. R. Robinson and C. J. Lozano, Physical and biological modeling in the Gulf Stream Region: I. Data assimilation methodology,  Deep-Sea Research I, 47, p 1787-1827, 2000.

Redfield Ratios of Nutrient Cycle Coupling

  • Fernandez-Castro, B., L. Anderson, E. Maranon, S. Neuer, B. Ausin, M. Gonzalez-Davila, J.M. Santana-Casiano, A. Cianca, R. Santana, O. LLinas, M.J. Rueda and B. Mourino-Carballido. Regional differences in modelled net production and shallow remineralization in the North Atlantic subtropical Gyre. Biogeosciences, 9, p 2831-2846, 2012.

  • Anderson, L. A., On the hydrogen and oxygen content of marine phytoplankton, Deep-Sea Research I, 42, p 1675-1680, 1995.
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  • Anderson, L. A., and J. L. Sarmiento, Redfield ratios of remineralization determined by nutrient data analysis, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 8, p 65-80, 1994.

Potential and Kinetic Energy Budgets of the World Ocean

  • Oort, A. H., L. A. Anderson and J. P. Peixoto, Estimates of the energy cycle of the oceans, Journal of Geophysical Research, 99, p 7665-7688, 1994.


Ph.D., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, 1993.
M.A., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, 1990.
B.S., Physics, University of Notre Dame, 1988.

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