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Research Interests
My research interests have focused on the input, fate and effects of anthropogenic organic contaminants (e.g., PAH, PCB, petroleum hydrocarbons) in the open ocean and in coastal waters. Over the years, my principle areas of research, in collaboration with several WHOI scientists have been contaminant biogeochemistry in the water column and at the sediment-water interface with a special emphasis on the role benthic organisms play in the degradation, remobilization and transport of sediment-bound organics. This research has required involvement in field sampling and sample analysis, lab management and lab assistant supervision, development of coastal monitoring programs and the translation of research results into information to support resource management decision-making.

i) Experience with large project administration, including annual workplan development, contract administration and oversight, final report preparation and presentation. Experience with workshop organization and management, including report editing/publication.

ii) Supervisory experience, laboratory and administrative assistants; students.

iii) Knowledge of analytical methods for environmental chemistry; responsibility for instrument maintenance and trouble-shooting; quantification of trace components in complex mixtures.

iv) Sea experience, including use and maintenance of various water and sediment samplers as well as other oceanographic techniques. Field sampling skills.

v) Basic fluency in Portuguese (Brasil). Training in Dispute Resolution.

1960-1965 New Bedford Institute of Technology, undergraduate chemistry major. University of Rhode Island (B.S., agricultural chemistry, 1965).

1970-1993 Graduate level, marine-related courses (M.I.T. special student); plus Introduction to Substantive Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, multiple short courses including analytical chemistry instrumentation, geographic information systems and computer systems.

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