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My research focuses on the connections and interactions between ocean chemistry, biology and climate perturbations.  This work integrates geochemical, sedimentary, biological data, numerical modeling and mapping to understand the timing and spatial extent of major climatic perturbations which are typically ties to biotic evolution. Understanding the timing and feedback mechanisms during oceanic (de-)oxygenation events may give insight into the future climate landscape; however, the picture remains unclear.

In the NIRVANA lab, I am developing vanadium isotopes as a paleoredox proxy to add a low oxygen indicator to the geochemical tool box. Understanding the stratigraphic realtionship of V isotope in concert with other prominent paleoredox proxies (Mo, S, and Fe geochemistry) will help to unlock the geochemical evolution of the oceans across many evolutionarily important events throughout Earth history.

Ph.D., Department of Earth Sciences, University of California, Riverside CA, USA.  Exploring the Geochemical Fingerprints of an Oceanic Anoxic Event During the Late Cretaceous: the Global and Biological Implications (2013) M.S.., Department of Earth Sciences, University of California, Riverside CA, USA. An Iron Isotope Record of Ocean-Scale Iron Shuttling During OAE 2 (2010) B.S.., Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside CA, USA. (2006)

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