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Donna Dimarchopoulou

WHOI postdoctoral fellow Donna Dimarchopoulou in her office. (Photo by Elise Hugus, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

I'm a postdoctoral fellow working on the effects of climate change on fisheries of the northwest Atlantic Ocean. I hold an international fellowship given by the Ocean Frontier Institute in Canada that gives me the opportunity to collaborate with both Dalhousie University and WHOI.⁠

Coming from the other side of the Atlantic–and particularly, a pretty small country like Greece– it’s fascinating to work at a top-level institution, as well as meet and collaborate with scientists whose work I know only from scientific publications. It’s also interesting to explore how Atlantic ecosystems might be responding to climate change and over-fishing compared to Mediterranean marine communities.⁠

What I love about working here are the different opportunities that help me grow scientifically and socially. For example, I’ve taken part in a sea turtle necropsy and will go out on a half-day research cruise at sea. That’s not part of my research, but it’s a chance to learn.⁠

Even though Woods Hole is a small place, it is a very vibrant, supportive, and welcoming community. I sometimes get together with diverse group of international people at WHOI and MBL that hosts dinners with foods from different countries. I don’t feel alone here!