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Mooring and Instrument Technology

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Crucial to the realization of the GBF-OOI is the development of reliable mooring systems capable of precise and controlled placement of sophisticated biogeochemical sensors, experimental systems and sampling devices at a wide range of depths, including in close proximity to the sea surface. Some of these moorings require significant electrical power and must be capable of transmission of instructions and data. Moreover, in order to be compatible with Global OOI field program, the endurance of the moorings and instrumentation must be at least 12 months so they can be serviced during the annual cruises to each location. These moorings would be maintained and subject to constant improvement and expansion for the duration of the OOI program, potentially as long as 25 years - a time-span that will enable detailed characterization of intra-annual and inter-annual variability in the ocean biological pump. (Table 2)

Mooring A: Primary Productivity Array

Mooring B: Deep Ocean Biogeochemical Flux Array

Mooring C: Oceanic Microbial Genomics Platform

Mooring D: Time-Series Water/Suspended Particle Sampling Array

Mooring design, construction and turn-around

Last updated: June 30, 2010

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