AOPE Engineering Services

AOPE engineers provide a range of services to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution community, including at-sea support and the development of oceanographic instrumentation.
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Alvin Operations

The Alvin Operations group is responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance of the U.S. Navy-owned Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Alvin.
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Deep Submergence

Engineers develop systems for remote, manned and unmanned exploration of the undersea world of hydrothermal vents, ocean ridges and ranges, and unique marine species.
» Deep Submergence Laboratory (DSL)

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Advanced Engineering Laboratory

Engineers and scientists work together to develop oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation that monitor ocean and climate processes.
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Rigging Shop

The Mooring Operations, Engineering and Field Support Group offers shore-side and at-sea support. With more than 125 years of collective sea-going experience, this support group possesses expertise in all aspects of innovative mooring design, fabrication, cruise planning and logistics, and supervision of deck operations.
» Mooring Operations, Engineering and Field Support Group