Engineering Services

AOPE engineers provide a range of services to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution community, including at-sea support and the development of oceanographic instrumentation.

Rigging Shop

The Mooring Operations, Engineering and Field Support Group offers shore-side and at-sea support. With more than 125 years of collective sea-going experience, this support group possesses expertise in all aspects of innovative mooring design, fabrication, cruise planning and logistics, and supervision of deck operations.

Advanced Engineering Laboratory

Engineers and scientists work together to develop oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation that monitor ocean and climate processes.

Deep Submergence Laboratory

Engineers develop systems for remote, manned and unmanned exploration of the undersea world of hydrothermal vents, ocean ridges and ranges, and unique marine species.


Marine robots live in a communication starved environment where autonomy is an absolute requirement for their deployment. WHOI's Autonomous Robotics and Perception Laboratory (WARPLab) is interested in the algorithmic and machine learning challenges in making autonomous exploration robots that can perceive and understand their surroundings at various levels of abstraction to plan their mission.

Alvin Operations

The Alvin Operations group is responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance of the U.S. Navy-owned Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Alvin.