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President’s Council

WHOI President's Council

A powerful way to make an impact on ocean science

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Your gift of flexible, discretionary funding to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is one of the most powerful investments to advance innovation in ocean science. It also drives discovery and unleashes WHOI scientists to pursue bold new lines of research and exploration.

President's Council gifts begin at $1 million*

Your gift at this level helps:

  • provide WHOI President & Director Peter de Menocal the ability to deploy funds where they are needed most and to respond nimbly to new challenges and opportunities;
  • advance innovation;
  • drive discovery;
  • educate the next generation;
  • enable WHOI scientists to pursue bold new lines of research and education in ways that other types of funding can't; and
  • position WHOI to leverage new funding for a powerful multiplier effect.

*Total lifetime giving

President's Council Benefits

Your gift of $1 million or more entitles you to:

A private dinner with WHOI President & Director Peter de Menocal
at his home with other President’s Council members;

VIP parking
on the WHOI Campus – Great for daytrips to Martha’s Vineyard;

VIP boat mooring
at WHOI’s Iselin Dock or in Woods Hole or Quissett Harbor – by arrangement;

Insider access to ocean science and technology
including invitations to the bi-annual Corporation gatherings, private science presentations, unique tours and meetings with scientists, and special events;

Global adventure travel with a purpose
on expeditions around the globe with the WHOI Travel Program;

A network of like-minded people
who share a passion for the ocean and science in service of society;

The President’s Fund Report
An annual overview of WHOI research, education, and exploration milestones;

Non-partisan, objective information
from WHOI’s ocean discovery magazine, Oceanus, and its weekly e-newsletter, Ocean Insights;

WHOI gear
including WHOI lapel pin, boating pennant, and clothing items, plus discounts at the WHOI store and at more than 250 science museums;

of your leadership gift in the annual report and other WHOI publications;

An exclusive association
with one of the premier organizations in the world for ocean research and to make a meaning contribution to its continued success.

To learn more about how to be a part of the President's Council,
contact Court Clayton,, 508-289-2545.