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Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

Tackling our planet’s biggest challenges will take ocean research, which cannot happen without steady, reliable support from dedicated supporters like you. Become a Mariner’s Club member.

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The most effective way to give

Enhance your support by setting up a monthly gift, starting at $5.00 per month.


Why give monthly?

It's easy

Your gifts are processed automatically.

It's personalized

You determine the gift amount and can make changes at any time. We’ll take care of the rest.

It’s more efficient and enhances your support

Members tell us they wish they could give more. Spreading out payments makes it easier to enhance your impact while ensuring more of your gift supports ocean research.

Mariner's Club Membership Benefits

Membership benefits help bring you closer to the impact you make.

Basic member benefits include:

 - In addition to Associates member benefits, Mariner’s Club members enjoy
 - Gift payment automatically deducted on a monthly basis
 - Participation in the ASTC Passport Program
 - Event pre-registration period (exclusive to Mariner’s Club only)
 - Voyager + membership benefits determined by donation amount



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