Education Coordinators


J. Seward Johnson Chairs in Oceanography

Job Description
A major function of these Chairs is to strengthen the departmental education efforts in the various disciplines, and to provide continuity in the programs within each department. There are specific tasks that have emerged as being very important from the viewpoint of the students, the postdoctoral researchers, the present J. Seward Johnson Chairs, the Education Council and the Vice President for Academic Programs/Dean. The J. Seward Johnson Chairs should:

  • Be regularly available to students during office hours.
  • Be regularly available as a principal advisor to the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean and their Department Chair for all matters related to Academic Programs and educational activities at WHOI.
  • Be regularly available to Scientific and Senior Technical Staff in their departments for consultation on issues related to the Institution’s Academic Programs. In particular, the J. Seward Johnson Chairs will be the authoritative source for Scientific Staff and Senior Technical Staff for matters related to teaching and advising within their departments- especially for those staff new to the Institution. Advise the WHOI Dean, Associate Dean and the MIT/WHOI Joint Committees with respect to teaching assignments and advising assignments for WHOI Scientific and Senior Technical Staff.
  • Participate in departmental and Institution educational committees in particular the appropriate MIT/WHOI Joint Committee, the WHOI Admissions Advisory Committee and the WHOI Educational Council.
  • Consult with the WHOI Dean, Associate Dean, Academic Programs Staff and WHOI Department Administrators to be certain that appropriate information about student support and advising responsibilities is properly recorded and communicated to students and advisors as appropriate and that teaching schedules are properly arranged.
  • Assist the Joint Committees and WHOI Principal Advisors in monitoring student progress in cooperation with the Academic Programs Office.
  • Assist the WHOI Dean, Associate Dean and Academic Programs Office staff in assessing and improving where needed the quality of teaching and advising at WHOI.
  • Be available for consultation with Postdoctoral Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Investigators in their departments about postdoctoral life and career related issues.
  • Serve on special committees at the Dean’s request.
  • Be involved in the teaching program and principal advising of students as appropriate to their scholarly and educational interests. Teaching and advising will be compensated according to the regular Academic Programs Compensation schedule and is not included in the compensation for the appointment as J. Seward Johnson Chair.