Henry Melson Stommel Medal


The Henry Stommel Medal in Oceanography is presented "for fundamental and enduring contributions to observing and understanding ocean processes." The award, a gold medal and monetary prize, is named for the late WHOI oceanographer Henry Stommel, who died in 1991 at age 71.

In January 1993 the Stommel Medal was established by the WHOI Trustees in honor of the world renowned physical oceanographer who made many contributions to nearly every area of physical oceanography and is credited with establishing the modern concepts of ocean circulation. Stommel was highly regarded by his colleagues for his sense of humor, his zest for life, his generosity, and his inspiration to legions of oceanographers.

About Henry Melson Stommel

Hank Stommel was in his second year as an astronomy graduate student at Yale University when he came to WHOI in 1944 as a way of serving his country without going to the battlefield. From then on, he was affiliated with and lived near the Institution until his death in 1992

Award Recipients

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