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Yogesh Girdhar

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emperor penguins and ECHO

Up close and personal

Ocean robots work alongside marine animals to study their behavior

Autonomous robot CUREE

Robots to the Rescue

How the next generation of ocean robots will help solve the planet’s most pressing problems

Coral Reef

4 Potential Solutions for Corals in Crisis

Racing against the clock, WHOI researchers and colleagues are developing innovative solutions to rebuild reefs and improve coral resiliency–before it’s too late.

Kalina Grabb

Hope for Corals in Crisis

The emerging science and technology that could give coral reefs a fighting chance

A curious robot is poised to rapidly expand reef research

WHOI scientists with the Coral Catalyst Team are leveraging a new, artificially intelligent robot to automate coral reef health assessments

A coral reef kickstart

WHOI’s Reef Solutions Initiative takes a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate solutions for ailing coral reefs

Coding Curiosity

Coding Curiosity

The ocean is an extreme environment that is hard for humans to explore. One solution is building deep-sea robots that can autonomously make decisions on what to look for and where.

A Smarter Undersea Robot

A Smarter Undersea Robot

Some say it is lethal to cats. WHOI scientists say it would be a boon for autonomous undersea robots.