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ABE Photographic Imagery

Using a dedicated high dynamic range (12-bit) 1024 x 1024 digital still camera, color photographs can routinely be obtained from ABE. At an altitude of 5 m above bottom, each image measures approximately 3 m x 3 m. A fresh image can be captured every 5 seconds from ABE which, at a programmed survey speed of 0.4 m/sec, generates a 33% overlap between adjacent images. The standard photographic data product generated by ABE will be a series of processed, time-stamped color JPEG files. Together with the navigation, heading and altitude (height-off-bottom) data included in the science sensor data files (below) this will provide all the material necessary for interested scientists to generate photomosaics of areas of particular interest. (Under the auspices of Dr.Vicki Ferrini, users will have free access to software suitable for generating such photomosaics, as is already the case for Alvin and Jason photographs).